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We have been preparing tax returns since 2004.  To be able to effectively serve our clients we are constantly taking classes and doing research to keep current with the ever-changing tax code.  We have prepared thousands of tax returns and provided value to thousands of clients.

Who Are We?

We are a small group of hard workers that really enjoy working with numbers and people.  A CPA Firm in Phoenix committed to being the best Firm our clients have ever dealt with.  We take great pride in our client retention rate and we appreciate that clients come back each year.  

Why Us?

We take the time to talk to you and figure out what your needs are.  We are very selective with who our clients are and we are very careful not to take on too much work so that everyone gets their needed attention.  The Firm is set up to do more than simply produce the tax return.  

Our Services

Individual Tax Preparation

Our individual tax preparation “1040” is primarily for individuals that we already serve in the area of business tax returns.  We do have some clients that do not have an entity prepared with us and we are more than happy to chat with you to determine if our services will be a good fit for you.  Our 1040 preparation is a solely online service.  We have a secure online portal that we utilize and it has been proven to be very user friendly.  Due to our workload during tax season, the majority of 1040 returns are completed after tax season.

Entity Tax Preparation

The majority of services provided at Fontes Tax are in the area of entity tax preparation.  Entity tax returns consist of Partnership, S-Corporation, and Corporate tax returns.  We have found a very appropriate space for business owners who need professional and experienced assistance.  Our client’s need us to know exactly who they are personally and what the details of their business are.  It is important to them and it is important to us. We also prepare prior year tax returns, amend a previously filed return and file late returns.

IRS Correspondence

The improved automated system of the IRS has allowed them to increase the amount of IRS notices sent out annually. More people are being contacted by the IRS than ever before and many find such correspondence to be a very unpleasant experience. Fontes Tax is here to alleviate the headache and to ensure that the situation is handled properly and quickly.  There is no need to fight the IRS on your own; allow Fontes Tax to help.

Business Services

Today’s ever-changing business environment can be overwhelming.  We can step in to help with many of the confusing and time-consuming challenges your company certainly will encounter.  Whatever the problem is, we will help you figure it out.  We have a long list of referrals if you need legal help, bank lending, HR, payroll,  bookkeeping, ect.  Fontes Tax works as your business consultant.